What People are Saying

A New Home for Sunny

Marvelous session today. I am so grateful and so relieved to have shared this experience with you and our herd !!! Sweetness abounds. Thank you !


A.P. Colorado November 11, 2020

Reconnection for Disconnected Times – Turmoil

Ashara was able to guide me through a piece of inner turmoil...while respecting and hearing my need to not say many words. ...I was finally able to get rid of a deep-seated negative energy from within.

H.W. Charleston, SC July 7, 2017

Reconnection for Disconnected Times – Healing

My experience this weekend was healing. I was able to release the last remnants of things I was holding on to. The horses are loving and supportive in the work they did with me. I was able to experience nature in ways I have not done in many years. Thank you, thank you, thank you for what you do.

HB - Colorado June 1, 2016

Comfort and Safety

Prior to working with Ashara, I would talk to my animals but it was never with the intent of receiving any acknowledgement from them. That’s what changed! Today, I talk to them as beings that can comprehend my intent and my wishes for them; this in turn builds their trust in me and the feeling of comfort and safety that they experience — that is priceless to me! And to them!

Rita D. Colorado September 8, 2016

Kitty Hears!

Shakti definitely I mean definitely got your message and started hanging out more in lower places where I can reach her! And she's gotten more affectionate. Even sat on my lap a few times in the days after our call. She's let Blueberry take over the high spot on the cat tree. ...  I consider our session to be surprisingly impactful...

C.A. California May 4, 2016

Kitties Doing Better

After speaking with you, Alex the kitten eats better and has turned the corner away from wimpiness and into a thriver like his brother. Teddy, the friendly feral, has begun to come out of hiding and doesn't need coaxing to come to me.

B.H. California March 20, 2020

Fun Event!

Ashara's Animals Speaking evening is a fun way to hang out with friends and chat with the animals!

K.G. Evergreen, CO February 12, 2016

Grief and Loss

Our aging dog passed quite suddenly and unexpectedly just before the holidays.   A few days later Ashara assisted with several unresolved issues that I couldn’t make sense of due to the wall of grief. With Ashara’s guidance and her connection to our dog, my grief was greatly lightened.  Ashara provides beautiful support services that enhance the relationship between you and your pet.  It helps so much to get your beloved pets perspective.  Sometimes when we are emotionally involved, we don’t always get a clear picture.  I highly recommend Ashara’s gift of animal communication to anyone, and especially to those facing or trying to resolve tough circumstances.

P.K. Colorado July 7, 2015

Reconnection for Disconnected Times – Wisdom and Coaching

Thank you so much for your wisdom and coaching in helping me to reconnect with my bride, nature and myself.

I learned a lot about myself and what I have been disconnected from.

The use of the horses as a tool for healing was something that I never thought could happen. I heard that animals are very connected to us, that in fact that they will put their own lives on the line to save ours.

Thank you for everything.

GB, Colorado June 1, 2016

Valuable Insights

It was an unexpected experience for me to hear the valuable insights that you provided with regard to what is going on in the minds of our critters, particularly the ones of a canine persuasion.  Also, very comforting to know that Sierra, who is now romping in fields and forests on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, is still around whenever I want to reach out.

PM Colorado October 12, 2016

Reconnection for Disconnected Times – Magical

My experience this weekend was magical. I knew it would to be in order for me to find my newest transformation, my state of being. Thank you, Ashara and Lisa, for helping me bear witness to my human experience. For comforting me and supporting me through my reconnection. This was an experience of my lifetime. I could not have made it there on my own, and what I’m learning is I shouldn’t have to. There is so much support and love in this universe. I have never felt that as strongly as I have in this magical place…on a farm…with family…with love…with intuition…courage…strength. The horses were too big for me to avoid. It was time and they brought me through. Thank you. Love. Peace.

AR - Colorado June 1, 2016

Is this Bernie?

I love this preliminary reading! That is sooo Bernie.


S.S., Nevada July 7, 2015

Gifted Intuitive

Ashara is a talented animal intuitive, and engaged my cat, Boone in quiet conversation – listening, hearing and helping explore where he hasn’t felt well and what next steps we should take.

K.G. Evergreen, CO February 12, 2016

Furry Valentine Quick Communication….

"I got a lot of love and understanding out of those 8 minutes!"

S.A. Colorado April 28, 2016

Reconnection for Disconnected Times

Ashara is an awesome coach. She is very gentle in helping you get to the core of your concern. She has a way about her that is supportive and caring. I can't wait to join her in another workshop.

L.P. Las Vegas, NV July 7, 2017

Kitty Needed To Be Heard

Just wanted to give you an update on Max.    Poor baby had a lot on his heart.  I returned him to Rick Friday,  and within 12 hours had completely become sweeter,  tolerates Rick's brother better, no hissing.
He also slept all night in Rick's bedroom,  which he had never done before.
Thanks again for helping me reach out to Max.  Early days, but I think that Rick now has a better understanding of Max
As always I appreciate your help.

Mary M., Seattle WA July 29, 2021

Clearest Channel I’ve Trained

Ashara ... has become one of the clearest channels I have ever trained.  When I feel the need to have greater clarity about my own kids, Ashara is the one I call.

Joy Turner, Talk With Your Animals Washington July 7, 2015

From Attack Cat to Team Player

After seven years together, my younger cat Sophia started attacking my older cat Mittens, much to my surprise. This only happened at night when I was in bed. Sophia would lay on my body and when Mittens came in to take her place next to my head, Sophia would launch. I called Ashara for insight.
Through her clear communication with Sophia I learned that Sophia was "coming into her own" as a healer and felt threatened by Mitten's presence. She wanted to do her healing "by myself!"
Ashara's insights and guidance gave me the words with which to address this with my girls. I spoke with them about boundaries and how we could work together as a team.  After a few more nights of tension, Sophia settled down and there have been no attacks since!
Thanks Ashara, you rock at what you do!

DS Singer / Intuitive / Founder of the School of Intuition Boulder, CO January 11, 2018

Resurrection Kitty (an Easter happy ending)

Sebastian was found this afternoon under the shed and prompted out by treats!  Yes, “holed up somewhere keeping warm.”  You were right, and your insight brought some comfort to his “mother” as she had slept last night without him.  He was gone 3 days and appeared today—a kitty resurrection story.

J.O. New Jersey April 17, 2020

A Great Comfort

“Thank you so much - you were a great comfort to me.”

PH October 20, 2016

Kernel is Calm

I wanted to let you know that since we talked, I took your advice and explained to Kernel what was going on as well as prayed/smudged with sage (I pretty much do this daily now).

Since then, Kernel has been a different dog...back to his calm self.  He no longer panics when I leave or destroys things. I’m paying more attention to both him and Kobe and am just more mindful in general.

Thank you so much for your assistance.

RJ Colorado January 11, 2018

No More Issues

Thank you so much, we are all doing great. Kai hasn't had any issues since you talked with him and me. Ashara, thank you for what you have done for us. Grateful Universe guided me to you.

D.G. Pennsylvania November 28, 2017

Questions Answered

I really enjoyed the time that Ashara spent with my dog King and I.
It really did feel like we communicated with him and were able to ask him what he needed and get some of my questions answered as well. Highly recommended.

B.K. Parker, CO January 15, 2016

Reconnection for Disconnected Times – Growth

This experience is opening my trust in myself. Ashara made it safe and fun to explore the world of animal communication. I am better able to tune into the base world of nature around me. The weekend was full of growth and self-exploration. The horses shared so much insight and wisdom. I felt so heard and supported.

S.S. Las Vegas, NV July 7, 2017

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