Yesterday morning we got a wonderful surprise at the Farm. Owl visited us! There is a deck that wraps around the main living area, all the way to our master bedroom. On the post right next to our bedroom sat Owl. Magnificent!

As we gazed out the window, Owl turned his head and gazed right back at us. To have him stay there for so long was a sure sign of a message. Then, silently, he flew away.

Last night on my way home from a meeting, I saw Owl again, this time on a telephone pole not far from our house. He  made sure I saw him, flapping up to the pole as I drove by, making sure he caught my attention.

“What is Owl about?” I pondered.  Looking at all of the animals on my Totem, I noticed that Owl is in the BELOW position, which teaches us about staying grounded. Further investigation brought me to the realization that Owl could have a couple of messages for us, based on what’s happening in our lives right now.

Owl is about wisdom, and could be advising us to listen and look carefully before making a decision. We have also been incredibly busy; Owl is also telling us to slow down and sit back, silently observing what is going on around us. Our wisdom will tell us how to proceed. But we have to listen.

Owl is cool, Owl is wise, so happy that Owl came into our lives!