Over the years, Harmony’s Heart Farm has been in one location or another. It hasn’t been so much the place as it is the people and the animals that make up the Farm. But I have to say that since we’ve moved to our newest (and I believe, last) location, we have hit the jackpot. It’s the land, the people and the animals that now make up what is known as “Harmony’s Heart Farm.”

We have been so blessed with this property. Magic swirls around it and through it. It is beautifully set up to support we humans and animals as we work with people who have experienced deep trauma in their lives, focusing on the returning military and our first responders. Our animals felt at home the moment we arrived. I love my office, where I get to talk with people and their animals, and help them through behavior issues, transitions, and just plain deeper connection. This is a big deal, because in other places we’ve lived I’ve always migrated out of my office to some other part of the house. This house is truly special; it is surrounding us with love.

The views are incredible. There is a lot of space to be by yourself and reflect, renew. On a clear day, you can see all the way from Long’s Peak to the north to Pike’s Peak in the south. That is a distance of about 100 miles.

To the south of us is a herd of Bison. Bison are magic in and of themselves, and so connected to the land and this area. The youngsters chase one another, and occasionally the entire herd will go for a romp, then lay down in all their majesty, resting and renewing on the land they love so much.

Hawk poses for the camera and reminds us to let go of fear and soar.

Lately we have been seeing a hawk flying around the house. This morning, he landed on our deck railing and stayed there while I fumbled through many layers for my phone (it was cold!) and took a picture. Once I was done, he took flight. I know he was waiting for me to click the shutter, and I thanked him for his patience. Hawk is telling us that we need to have far-reaching vision, because that is what Harmony’s Heart Farm is all about. Any small thoughts we have are no longer acceptable; it is time to step out and do what we were put on this planet to do – serve our fellow man, animals and nature.

Every morning we awaken in gratitude and excitement for the coming day. What a gift to live in this beautiful place, and we can hardly wait to share it with all those who are ready to take their own next steps on life’s journey. Won’t you join us?