The Catio Part II

Well, it’s moving along. I measured, I dreamt, I thought about what an awesome space we’ll be giving the cats (two sides of our deck). Then we got real.

Glenn measures the header.

If we want to get this done soon, with all of the other things that are going on in our lives, we need to downsize a bit.

  • Gone was the walkway to the “chicken coop”, at least for this year.
  • We made the area on the deck about half the size.
  • We decided we did not need to fully enclose it, since our cats are not idiots and won’t try to jump a leaning in 6 ft wire fence when the ground is about 15 feet away. Seriously. They are smarter than that.

So it’s a little smaller, but it’s still a great space, and they are going to LOVE it!

We started by purchasing materials – a roll of six-foot wire and a really nifty gate, which cost more than the rest of the materials combined. But it will look nice, and it’s very sturdy.

The Header in Place and Awaiting the Gate.

First step was to figure out how to put the gate up, since it is five feet wide and the gap is a bit more than that. Our house is also stucco – have you ever tried to fasten anything to stucco? It’s quite the adventure. My husband came up with a header design that will do the trick nicely. We have lots of lumber left over from other projects, and a 2 x 6 board was just what we needed. Oh, look, we’ve got one laying right there in that pile of wood!

Affixing the Gate to the Header

After measuring and cutting and then finding some brackets we had laying around (I love that!), we got the brackets in place and then added the header – after shaving off some more of the 2 x 6, since the screw heads stuck out just a teeny bit on both sides.

The gate itself is “hung” from the header with brackets. We put other brackets into the post next to the house and then for good measure a couple into the deck. It gets a bit breezy here; we didn’t want the gate to do any dancing in the wind.

Gate Hung with Wild Husband on Other Side

Wire will wrap around to close the gap on the outside deck area, and a little more wire on the house side to close the gap above the post.

Next time: The Wire Goes Up