A great relationship with your pet is the best thing in the world. They are not just decoration; they are here to assist us in our journey through life. They have lessons to teach us, and lessons of their own to learn. The more we listen to them, the better life gets.

Are you ready to take the leap?

  • Deepen and Improve your Relationship with your pet. I facilitate conversations between the two of you, and help you come up with ways to deepen your understanding and appreciation of your animal friend;
  • Solve a behavior issue: Find out why your animal does that crazy thing that has you pulling your hair out, and then come up with a plan to change the behavior;
  • Move through the grief of losing a beloved friend. It’s so hard when they leave us, and there are some simple rituals that will help ease the transition for you and your friend so you can both be okay with what’s happening. I can also help you figure out when “it’s time” to let their physical body go, by talking with you AND your pet. They have their own ideas and plans about what’s best. Let’s listen to what they have to say.

How do we go about this? What looks right for you and your pet? One conversation? Many? Maybe you want to learn how to have simple conversations with them yourself (which is totally so cool!)

The best way to find out what’s best for you and your animal is to sign up for a FREE 30-Minute “Let’s Talk” discovery session. In this session, we’ll discuss what’s on your mind regarding your pet, and figure out the best way to assist you. It’s all about putting together a plan to help you communicate better with your animals, whether it’s a single session, or a package where you check in once a month or once a quarter. That’s what we’ll find out! Email or Call Ashara to get it scheduled.

Email (ashara@harmonysheartcoaching.com) or Call (720-737-0495) Ashara to schedule your complimentary conversation to discover what’s best for you and your pet. I only do a few of these a month, so don’t wait. It’s FREE.

Animal Communication

animalcommunication-hh-kittyUsing the “ether”net, I connect with your pet through you and we have a three-way conversation. Our pets have plenty to say to us, but don’t be nervous – they aren’t keeping score, they only want to help! They let us make mistakes, and are happy to help us be better people.

You can Contact Ashara to schedule a session with your pet (we start at 30 minutes), or find out more about available packages, so you can have an ongoing conversation. Your animal friend can be living or passed. It’s amazing the insights we can receive from our friends who have gone before us.

For more information about packages, email (ashara@harmonysheartcoaching.com) or call 720-737-0495 to sign up for a FREE 30-minute “Let’s Talk” Discovery conversation to find out what’s best for you and your pet.

Animals Speaking Evenings

You and your friends have pets, right? Wouldn’t it be fun to spend an evening with them having conversations with your pets? You’ll learn all kinds of things, all of it good, and you and your friends will have an experience that is more than the usual “get together and hang out.” During an Animals Speaking evening, your friends come to your house with a photo of their animal. Your animals friends, since you’re hosting, get to attend in person! We have a few simple refreshments, settle in, and then the fun really begins as I do a full on session with your animals, and then connect with each of your friends’ pets to find out what’s on their mind. For more info, contact Ashara via email – or call 720-737-0495.

Training Classes

There’s nothing more exciting than being able to communicate directly with your pet. I offer classes in animal communication, where you will learn to:


  • Become familiar with energy and the field around us all
  • Hear, see, or feel messages from your animal in person.
  • Learn how to reach out to your pet or other animals when they aren’t in your presence.
  • Speak with animals who are passed.
  • Appreciate the connection of all things to one another.
Find out how you can attend a class by signing up for a FREE 30-minute “Let’s Talk” Discovery Session. Email (ashara@harmonysheartcoaching.com) or call 720-737-0495 to get it scheduled!