Yesterday, I gave a free webinar on discovering your Power Animal. What a fun time! We went through a meditation process, and then people shared about who showed up as their Power Animal.

But then what? So you know who your Power Animal is. What does that mean for you? First of all, you want to develop a relationship with this animal. The more the two of you know one another, the better you’ll be able to help one another.

You want to honor your Power Animal. My primary Power Animal is Cougar, and I have pictures of Cougar in my office, and talk with him often. He is part of my life. I’ve read books. I’ve volunteered at a park with Cougars and gotten to know them in person (cougaratcougarmtnzoowith bars between us to be sure – imagine Cougar attacking you like your beloved house cat – the difference in size becomes lethal). I love Cougar, and I am so grateful that he has chosen to walk this life with me.

Note that I said he chose me. It’s never the other way around. Our Power Animals always choose us. So we have to be open to who shows up. What if it’s a mole? Or a spider? Every animal is special, and your Power Animal has chosen you for a reason. Enjoy it.

I plan to do this process three or four times a year because it’s so much fun for me and people get so much out of it. If you want to know who YOUR Power Animal is, keep in touch, and let’s find out together.