Today, AprTherapyDogCartoonil 30, is National Therapy Animal day. All of the work that our animal friends have been doing quietly, over the years, is starting to come into the public consciousness.



Dogs and horses therapydog2seem to be the most popular of the therapy animals. Dogs
are so incredibly people-oriented, our companions through the eons, and they have taken to this work with joy on their faces and all four paws.


Horses are also coming into their own. Over the years, a number of organizations have sprung up where horses are used for therapeutic riding, and the work they TherapyHorse1have done there is unparalleled. They give their charges a sense of freedom that cannot be found anywhere else. More recently, they have been doing amazing work in coaching and therapy programs where the human stays on the ground, and the horse works its magic in a different sort of interaction. Deep pain and sweet release can be found by spending time with these magnificent creatures.


And what of the others in the animal kingdom? Therapy dolphins. Therapy ferrets. Therapy cats (yes, cats, those subtle purr-veyors of healing). If it has feathers, fur, scales or bare skin, it doesn’t matter. The animals are here to assist us in our growth.



On this most wonderful of days, let’s celebrate our friends who may not speak our language but most definitely have our number. They have been unnoticed heroes for centuries. How wonderful that their gift to us is being recognized. Here’s an idea. Let’s make every day “I Love My Animal Friend Day.”