I experienced a miracle the other day when I was doing some coaching with a client. The client’s dog had passed unexpectedly and my client was really struggling. We did an animal communication session with the dog first, and then I invited her to go into our round pen and do some ritual grief work. Our mare, Wilma, was so willing to be with her.

Wilma is going to be 26 years old this year and has had nine babies. At least one of those babies did not live very long, the rest have gone on to beautiful lives. She is a wonderful, nurturing horse, and so in tune with people. We call her our Earth Mother. She loves to wrap her neck around people and hug them.

Wilma supported my client during the process, and then when it was over, we were standing in the round pen and my client started petting Wilma. Wilma’s eyes got very soft, she sighed, and I could feel her energy shift. The client rubbed Wilma’s ears just like she used to rub her beloved dog’s ears. Wilma responded by tilting her head, and my client said, “My dog used to do exactly that.”  I have rubbed Wilma that way and she has never, ever, tilted her head like she did for the client. There was definitely something going on.

I had felt the dog’s spirit beside the client and in the arena during our entire session, and now, it seemed, Wilma had moved aside to let the pup and his person have some physical touch. It was incredible. We all stood there for several minutes, while my client loved on Wilma just like she would have on her dog, and Wilma / pup enjoyed and responded to every second of it.

There came a point when my client was complete, and Wilma’s eyes suddenly brightened, her energy shifted again, and we knew that the dog’s spirit had left Wilma’s body.

I’ve always known Wilma was a special being, and to allow her body to be borrowed so my client and her dog could have the good-bye they weren’t able to have before was a special moment. I cannot express how deeply grateful I am to Wilma, and all the animals on the Farm, for the love and caring they give to everyone who comes here.