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Take a look at what’s available from Harmony’s Heart to help you on the way to the Best Life EVER!

Coach with the Horses and make this your best life EVER – Click this link to learn more about Harmony’s Heart Coaching, and how transformational this work is:

Best Life EVER With Your Pet Independent Study Program – Ever wondered what it might be like to be able to deeply understand what your pet(s) is trying to tell you? This is a gift that we all possess, but many people have forgotten how. If you’d like to be able to negotiate with your dog, cat, horse or hamster without an intermediary, check out this program. It is a lifetime membership, and includes lots of goodies. This would be a great gift for someone you love who has a special affinity for the animals. Click HERE for more information.




August 8-9, Intermediate Animal Communication Class, VIRTUAL, and LIVE – If you’ve attended one of my Intro Animal Communication Classes, OR if you feel you’re a little past beginner level, this is the class for you. In this LIVE VIRTUAL class, we’ll review what we learned in the Intro Class, answer questions, work with animals who are living but not in our presence, and form a bond with one another that is lasting. Want to do this as a business? Let’s talk about that! If you’ve attended the Intro class and want to register for this one, click this link: INTERMEDIATE CLASS

August 21, 5-8 PM, Center for Transformation, Parker, CO – Animal Communication sessions, IN PERSON with Ashara. Special pricing for this event – 25 minute session for just $50. Only six spots available – if you want a session and can’t make this evening, email or text Ashara to make other arrangements at this special price. Register HERE: AC SESSSIONS