About Ashara

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Ashara Morris has been talking with animals her entire life. When she was younger, it was just the way things were – to her, everything, plants, animals, her favorite chair – they all had a voice.

Growing up in the Midwest, those kinds of conversations weren’t really encouraged, so she got sidetracked into the more mundane parts of the world, working for many years in computer-related jobs, but always having animals nearby. She found living in a city difficult; she’s always been a country girl.

When living in the Pacific Northwest, she met her mentor and wonderful friend, Joy Turner of Talk With Your Animals, and with Joy’s help and encouragement, got herself back on track to her real passion – the animals. Now Ashara has the honor of talking with animals, living and passed, and recognizes that this is what she was put on this planet to do – help people connect with their animal friends, and through them, with themselves. Every time an animal speaks, and someone listens, good things happen.

When the human is ready, Ashara can also coach you to the next level with yourself – because that’s what’s on your animal’s heart, right? They only want us to be happy and fulfilled, and sometimes we get in our own way.

Ashara is trained in Gestalt Coaching, partnering sometimes with her fabulous horses, over the phone and (once the pandemic settles down) in person. She took a 2-year certification program, and is currently enrolled in a Master’s level program to deepen her gestalt coaching chops. Learn more at www.harmonysheartcoaching.com.

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